Providing a roadmap for the next four years’ strategic initiatives to meet the expanding needs of a post-pandemic workforce and society, BartonBold and Connected (2021-2025) will infuse a renewal of spirit and vitality within the local and regional communities—communities that will see Barton through a new lens.

BartonBold and Connected will build on the past, respond to the present, and prepare for the future. Philosophically aligned with the history and tradition of the College and in keeping with the best of the liberal arts foundation, Barton Bold and Connected will level focus and attention on rising above expectations. It will connect the best of what we do with the greatest needs of our local and regional communities through marked distinction, collaborative partnerships, and leading innovation.

Through these efforts, Barton will teach and prepare students to connect with the world — deeply prepared in their respective disciplines and thoughtfully equipped to engage people and technology with humanity, discernment, and understanding. The following plan identifies key objectives, which will help us attain that goal.

That’s BartonBold and Connected.

Douglas N. Searcy, Ph.D.
Barton College

Distinctive Identity

Barton College will boldly deliver exceptional and distinctive student learning experiences while pursuing new revenue streams, exploring new markets, and consciously making decisions that demonstrate a clear return-on-investment that strengthens fiscal health and creates optimal student learning opportunities.

Pivotal Partnerships

Barton College will cultivate impactful win-win partnerships with corporate and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies to raise its national profile, deliver exceptional student experiences, and attain long-term financial viability.

Radical Innovation

Barton College will be the regional leader for delivering leading-edge academic programs and using current and emerging technologies to advance student learning, promote student engagement, and prepare students to succeed and lead in 21st century careers.